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October 2022




Joseph Belanger
Vice Commander
Districts 2 and 10
Department of New York 




Happy Halloween!

I hope you are all reading this in happiness and good health. So it’s that time again when the cold air comes rushing in creating some of the best fall sceneries in all of our great state of New York. It’s been an amazing year with a lot of improvement! I would like to take some time to congratulate everyone on thire new positions within our great organization. 

A lot has been going on. I was honored to be invited to Nassau and Suffolk’s department visitation dinners. Nassau county hosted their dinner at Edwin Welch, Jr post-1132. It was a beautiful post. I was so welcomed it was truly something. It was my great privilege and honor to introduce our department commander Timothy S. Vanpatten II. the dinner for Suffolk county was held at Joseph Loffler post-1006, my home post. I might be biased but its always an amazing time no matter where it is! I was working the bar for the event to it was nice to get to see all my drinkers out there. But all joking aside it was a beautiful space filled with good people.

Membership is something that should be on all our minds as we move forward this year. Please take the time to review the reports page on the site click here to view the page. The State has received an award for most new squadrons created. There was a total of seven new squadrons created.  Right now Suffolk County is working on two new squadrons West Islip,  Smithtown, and the Queen’s county American Legion. 

Finally, I want to touch on consolidated reports. We do a lot of work and we need you to let national know. The repot allows us to show congress all the work we have been doing. All these man hours eqate to money spent. We donate millions including what our consolidated reports say. It would be amazing to see everyone get their work accounted for so we can show the full power of our oragnisation!

So I leave you to your wonderfull halloween activities stay safe and jod bless america!







Membership Reports September 30th, 2022