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Joseph Belanger

Vice Commanders Report

Districts 2 and 10

I hope you are all reading this in happiness and good health.

 So it’s that time again when the cold air comes rushing in creating some unreal weather all over our great state of New York. It’s been an amazing time with a lot of improvement!

Unfortunately, I have some bad news to report our second district commander Jesse Figueroa has been in a vehicle accident and is unable to walk. Please keep him in your prayers!

A lot has been going on. I was honored to be invited to Nassau and Suffolk’s department visitation dinners. Nassau county hosted their dinner at Edwin Welch, Jr post-1132. The dinner for Suffolk county was held at Joseph Loffler post-1006. The visitations are always an amazing time no matter where it is!

Nassau county department commanders visitation dinner at Edwin Welch, Jr post-1132.

Our second district commander Jesse Figueroa was able to attend a few events. In November 2022, the 2nd District meeting was attended located at the Gold Star Post on Staten Island. Also, he was in attendance for November 2022, Veterans Day Ceremony at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn county.

Our leading candidate for department commander, Peter DeAngelo has also attended the following events. On October 29, there was held a Halloween fundraiser for his campaign, was very successful. It was held at his squadron, 1636 post.

On Thanksgiving day, Joe Hall held an open house for veterans in the community at the Michael A Rawley American Legion Post 1636 in Brooklyn. They served about 500 meals at the post and delivered about 500 meals to people who could not make it to the location. That’s a thousand meals served, how amazing is that!

On December 10 Joe Hall and peter DeAngelo held their annual toys for tots Christmas party at squadron post-1636. They have raised $900 in cash and 20 boxes of toys. It’s nice to hear all those children had a good holiday.

We have a new training area on You will be able to review step-by-step videos and text on a few things we should all know about. All the instruction is done by industry professionals. The training section includes the setting up and posting process of all social media accounts. Also included is how to get the press kit, sponsorships, and a crash course on PR. I encourage you again to visit the site and take a look. That address is

Our membership in the second district is hovering about at 75%. The 10th district is around 71 percent. We should always be aware of these numbers and teach our people how to read them. Reports are what help us to see where we are and where we need to go. We can’t improve without knowing our metrics.

Membership is something that should be on all our minds as we move forward this year. It should not only be on our minds but in our mouths so to speak. If we don’t talk to our communities we starve our organization of potential membership! Please take the time to review the reports page on the site

Right now Suffolk County is working on a few new squadrons West Islip, Smithtown, and the Queen’s county American Legion. Sometime in the spring, I will be arranging a training class to go over reports, social media, public relations, networking, and more. This is part of my recommitment to connecting our organization and improvement efforts.

Finally, I want to touch on consolidated reports. Our reports recorded equates to a dollar amount. We donate millions including what our consolidated reports convey. We need to get the reports in or our good work will go unnoticed. So I leave you to your mid-winter activities with the hopes you will leave enriched and ready to communicate mid-winter to your local posts, counties, ext.

November 2022




Joseph Belanger
Vice Commander
Districts 2 and 10
Department of New York 




Happy Thanksgiving!

Detachment Commanders message November 2022


I hope everyone is doing well. It’s that time again when we are getting our thanksgiving events underway. That being said, I wish you and yours a happy, safe, and healthy holiday. While we are giving thanks I ask that you include the American legion in your graces!

We recently had our district executive committee meeting. As always it was nice to see all my friends from all over the state. Please take the time and look at the minutes so you are up to date. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Also please reach out to your representative for help in your directory. Use the chain of command when asking questions. Ask your county first for help. They will be able to direct you to what you need. Do not reach out to the top of the command chain! Your county will use the chain of command to funnel information up to us.

The Mid-winter conference is coming up! It will be held from the 20th to the 22nd of January. It’s important that all our squadrons send one representative to our conference. It is preferable that he be the post-commander. Mid-winter is a time when you can get information, training, and networking. It is a fun and active time. We should be counting this cost in our fundraising efforts. This is why we raise money not only to give back to our community but to also send our representatives for training, conventions, conferences, and more. So include these events in your budget and fundraise accordingly.

We have been moving forward with our membership. We need you to be out there. It is important to include sons of the American legion in your every conversation. There is always a way to include the SAL in your conversation. Even if you are not directly asking for membership it’s important to get the word out about the things we do. Connect with your local community groups so we can convey your post presence and mission. Be sure to fill in your consolidated reports so we can show the power of the organization to congress. We are looking at a new squadron in Suffolk County, West Islip, American Legion. Our membership reports are available on or will be included in this article.


If anyone has any interest in starting a new squadron or bringing an old squadron back to life please let your membership committee person or your county commander…!


Thank you for your time and support for the organization. You are important, and needed for our continued success.

DISTRICT COMMANDERS and membership representative:

Dist Cmdr (2) 

Jesse Figueroa

PO Box 90520 Brooklyn, NY 11209


Dist Cmdr (10) 

James Connolly 



Detachment Vice Commanders 2 and 10

Joseph Belanger



Detachment Vice commanders adj

Christopher R. Cerullo